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Thursday, November 09, 2006


Things To Keep In Mind When Promoting Your Blog Through Comments

Many bloggers use to leave comments in someone else's blog to promote their blogs. That's not a bad idea. If you post a comment on some article with a link back to your blog you may have at least one visit. But between promotion and spam there's a fine line so here is a short list of things to keep in mind if you want to promote your blog using comments:
Although this short list is intended for blog promotion I think it's valid for everyone posting comments out there. Do you have any comments about it?

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This blog has moved to There you will find new posts
Anonymous Anonymous said:
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Anonymous Christian said:
I think you're absolutely right. I've received quite a lot of spam on past blogs and it's no fun. A relevent comment from anyone though is always pleasant.
Blogger Shaun said:
Love the comment etiquette.. now, if everyone just stuck to it!

Right? Right?

** Shaun **
My awesome blog:

Anonymous ricardo said:
But you have to make a good campain. Not only interesant things. You have to sell it.
Blogger Wizard said:
I would suggest turning off the option to allow anonymous responses. Your GROW DETRIOT spam would go away at that point. You can also moderate you responses (it takes time and effort but from what I've seen here, you seem to spend a lot of time as this is a decent looking blog).

Blogger nongeek said:
Good comments are allways welcome, but I'm receiving spam too

Right! :-)

You're right, but a comment posting campaign may not be the best way to promote your blog

I'm considering to disable it. Verification words (captchas) are not enough for stopping spammers
Blogger Divine said:
mindless comments are bad..if u wana be heard..1st hear.

I read and liked ur blog. u are welcome to mine..
Blogger mikoberts said:
As a real newcomer to this pass time I really appreciated your simple, easy to follow advice - thanks

BTW - was led to yr blog by 'recently spotted blogs of interest' - so thanks to them also
Blogger Xi Hyperon said:
I know exactly what you're talking about, and I think that you've outlined the protocol for commenting very well.

My comment is greatly ironic, however. Not only does my blog have NOTHING to do with yours, but I'm committing the same "online etiquette" blunder that you so nicely explained for us...just below...

Visit my blog: The Threshold!

Happy blogging!

--Xi Hyperon
Blogger AMERICAN DESI said:
Very insightful blog. Glad someone took the time to educate some of these morons who post comments that are so insanely out of the conversation. ::checks if this is a relevant comment:: ::sighs!! yeah!!::
Blogger smp said:
I'm surprised that you're still getting enough spam using the captcha that you would consider disabling comments altogether.

The vast majority of blog spam seems to come from bots, as far as I can tell. Then again, readership of my blogs is so small that I can pretty much tell exactly what people are reading based on my site stats :P
Blogger Zubair said:
Interesting Views.. However, my blog creation is more for academic reseach (Information Systems / Enterprise Mobility) therefore it is going to be challenging to attract mainstream people.
Blogger Calvin Thomas said:
Hey check out this free source of music at make sure to visit the music lounge and talk to the sexy female robot. She is so funny. Your comment was so true.
Blogger Shelly said:
Good points. I popped in here after seeing you featured in Blogs of Note on Blogger Buzz btw. I like checking those out periodically as I've found some outstanding blogs that way. Yours looks very cool.

And I'm not commenting just to promote my blog. ;) I like giving credit where its due.
Blogger hetty said:
what u r saying is correct.peolpe should be kind and spam is just a waste of time.and your blog was fun to look at.
Blogger DJ Alley said:
Are you still getting spam when you use the Word Verification tool? It eliminated all spam on my blog.....Maybe my blog just isn't interesting enough to spam...That's sad....Thanks for the Tips though!!!

Blogger kojak said:
very true. All your points are legit. But then again, if that is the case, aren't all comments "promotions"? ;)
Blogger sarlye said:
Hi: For a beginner, this was a great post for me. I am still trying to learn about blogging. Thanks for sharing your knowledge.

You can find me here: htto://
Blogger Id it is said:
Why does a blog need to be promoted? Is blogging a way to make friends, build a fraternity? Do the number of comments on a blog make it more meaningful? Your post made me think on all of the above. A thought provoking post.
Blogger Caesia said:
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Blogger nongeek said:
Thanks you all for your comments!

Verification word (aka captcha) is good to reduce spam, but it's intended to test if the commenter is human so it doesn't stop human spammers.

To Id it is:
Yes, blogging a way to make friends. On the other hand, if you are a blogger you may want have many readers. Some bloggers do it for money too. Promotion is a part of blogging
Blogger Hanna said:
I always check out the ones who write stupid comments. usually just to see if they're as stupid as I think they are, and sometimes because I have nothing else to do. But mostly I'm the one posting weird comments. ^^
Blogger Abnay said:
I'd never considered TrackBack. It's a nice idea. Thank you for posting this.
Blogger chesterocks7 said:
its really funny that i stumbled across your blog. today i started up a blog of my own for one of my college communication classes, and have been going around asking people for tips on getting a reading audience. my blog is dedicated to strange news stories and sharing opinions on them. my blog address is: if you would like to check it out. i would greatly appreciate any other tips you could give me on building up my reading audience. thanks!
Blogger morfel01 said:
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Blogger morfel01 said:
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Blogger Valor said:
I appreciate your views. At the same time, I feel that for people who start blogging initially, there is a real thrill with the feeling of getting the whole world interested in making oneself known and less importantly heard.
The difference lies in the fact is that too many people knowing you is not enough. Rather have people who listen to you and look forward to what one has to say.
I liked your ideas and am happy to say, that even bookmarked this page for future reading.
Cheers and keep up the insightful work.
Blogger Bertie Wheen said:
Nice Tips!

Check my blog:
Blogger getzapped said:
I appreciate your post. It's good to be reminded to be intelligent about agreeing or disagreeing as it's easy to get too vocal and forget we all have a right to our opinions.
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Anonymous Anonymous said:
That's very helpful. Thanks for posting that information. I never knew what Trackback was until now.
Blogger News_to_me said:
Wow! That's quite a lot of information coming from a nongeek. Of course, being new to the blogging world, most any information is going to be a bit over my skill level. I'm just starting my own blog and am just exploring for info on any and all aspects. Found you on Blogs of Note. I'm sure I'll be back. Thanks!
Blogger just4fun said:
Great writing very informative but Im new and it might as well have been greek.Hopefully I'll get the jist of it soon.That is if I dont lose my mind first.
Blogger drew Wademan said:
Thank you very much for all your insight. I have not been blogging for very long and I hope to eventually have a very active political and social blog which will create much discussion. I believe your blog will help me develope along the way.
Blogger P.Y.D. said:
wow not bad...
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