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Saturday, October 14, 2006


Preparing To Migrate To Beta

I started a new blog using Blogger Beta. The idea is to test the new beta features and make sure the hacks I'm using now here will still be working in the beta platform. All the new content will be posted in this blog, though.

The new layout system used in beta is totally different from the classic template format, so I'll have to learn the basics first and the process may result slow. First I will give the new blog a similar look and feel to this. Later I'll add new functionality (i.e. hacks). Finally, I'll migrate Nongeek Perspective to the new platform when everything works fine.

Anyone have ideas for the upcoming format?

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This blog has moved to There you will find new posts
Blogger R2K said:
I wanted to ask: can all your images and content and archives be moved to beta? If not, I dont see how I can EVER move my blogs to beta, I have over 250 posts in archives. I would never want to leave those behind.
Blogger nongeek said:
I guess you can move your blog entirely. Blogger developers say account migration will be made "Really Really Soon", so I think they had considered that case.
Anonymous Anonymous said:
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Blogger glo said:
I have several bLOGs and switched them to Beta last week. I participate in a BLOG for eagle cam viewers and most on there are not very computer savy. Th eowner of the BLOG htough has made anonymous comments not possible, so a coupl eof us spent LOTS of time getting several Blogger accounts etc. They are all scared now f the Beta Blogger, resisitng it and get pretty angy about the thought that Google will eventually ,make them change or nOT be able to post on the blog they love. Anyway to make a long answer short My comments and all old blogs transferred over jsut fine. I can even get all the daily motion and You Tube items over. I have been able to upload new daily Motion to my bLOGs but can't get a You Tube Video fed to go into the Beta Blog. I als woul d have lost a cluster map on my Grandbaby;s adoption BLOG so even thought it is in beta format I can not easily customize it even after the change without losing some things. my newest bLOG For the Love of eagles However was far easier to set up in Beta and now to customize or change around however I want to when I want to . All my archives for the older blogs are still there but I am completely swtched over to Beta now. I actually love it!!!
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