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Sunday, October 01, 2006


Let Your Blog Be Social

Social Bookmarking is often used for attract traffic to blogs and the easiest way to get your articles on such services is to invite your visitors to submit their favorite stories directly. Then you should have a bookmark area in your blog, frequently at the foot of each article, and there are many ways to get this.

I think that the most effective way to accomplish bookmarking is simply to link to the submission URL. So, to have a "bookmarking bar" I just added a line linking to the proper URLs in the blog template:

Add to: <a href="Service-URL">Service</a>

where Service-URL is the URL to the service you want your visitors to submit the article.

Some URLs

The problem is that already exists a lot of bookmarking services and each one may have its own URL form. Here are what I know so far:
YOUR-ARTICLE-URL is the address that appears in your browser when you're reading the article (i.e. the permanet link or permalink). YOUR-TITLE is the article's title. Notice that some services let you specify an optional description.

You may find URLs for many other services too.

Update: As John said in this comment, you can find an excellent resource here. Thanks John.

Putting it in your template

In blogger there are two template codes that refer to permalink and article title. So, if you don't use blogger beta you have to:
For example. If you want a "Submit to" line you should add this to your template:

Submit to: <a href="<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>;title=<$BlogItemTitle$>" ></a>

I added it just after the posts body (i.e. after <$BlogItemBody$>)

Read the blogger help for more information about editing your blog template and html syntax.

Final note

As I said before, there are many other ways to do this task. Take PopMarks, for instance. It's am awesome tool but it requieres javascript enabled, and some people have this feature disabled in their browsers.

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This blog has moved to There you will find new posts
Blogger John said:
The same folks that brought you Popmarks keep a list that reviews the features of more than 200 social bookmarking sites, as well as a list of one-click add code for 100+ services. It's a great resource.
Blogger Lv said:
555,It may be not work at beta.bloger,see
Blogger nongeek said:
Thanks for the link, I'll update the post

I don't use Blogger Beta but, as fas as I know template codes like <$BlogItemTitle$> doesn't work in beta. I think you should write instead:

<a expr:href='Service-URL'>service</a>, it's not pure html as you can see.

Besides that you must replace <$BlogItemTitle$> with data:post.title and <$BlogItemPermalinkURL$> with data:post.url.

For delicious it should be:
<a expr:href='""+data:post.url+";title="+data:post.title'></a>

One final note: this codes work in the template (layout in blogger beta) and do not work in the post body, as far as I know.

Can someone confirm if this really work in beta?

I hope this comment can be read in other languages. It's no easy to escape html in comments
Blogger Lv said:
It still does not work,Thank,now i using "javascript" at the end of page instead of.
Blogger nongeek said:
I have a new beta blog for testing and the snippet for delicious work. You can see it here
Anonymous Anonymous said:
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Blogger marcib said:
Ok, I am one of the least tech savy person in the world but I added to links to my blog template and it totally worked. Thank you for helping make the computer illiterate a little bit smarter.
Blogger nongeek said:
I'm glad to help
Blogger Justin said:
Hey, very interesting,I trying to put it into my link. I also have a blog but I just begin.
Have a nice day.
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