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Tuesday, July 18, 2006


Install win32 Codecs in Xubuntu Without Editing Files

Update: You may find interesting reading this updated post about multimedia in Xubuntu first.

In the previous post we've seen how to get multimedia support in Xubuntu and that there are debian package and tarball formats of w32codecs, the package containing the codecs needed to play most popular formats. Most (if not all) debian packages for this purpose install the codecs in /usr/lib/win32 folder and xine look for these files in the /usr/lib/codecs, so we need to edit the xine configuration file (located in your home folder) to point it to the right folder. Here is presented an alternative for those that doesn't like to edit config files.

You need to extract the package content and then copy the files to /usr/lib/codecs which is the default location for xine. To do so just type in a terminal window:

dpkg −x filename

where filename is the name of the w32codecs package. Now copy these files to /usr/lib/codecs.

That's all. Now you have all the codecs provided by the debian package in the right folder.

Note: you can check where the package install the codecs. Open the package with Gdebi by double clicking on it and select "included files" tab.

Either you have problems or a successful installation, please post a comment.

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This blog has moved to There you will find new posts
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